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My 11 year old wanted to spend some of her vacation money on the Despicable Me 2 preorder DVD, it says on the box that we will receive the movie on the release date. - 12-10-13. Did not receive it. emailed support, 1. they claim the movie will ship on the release date, I correct them, box says I will receive it on release date.

2. They dont print the package, so they aren't at fault, they have however sent that as feedback to management.

3. I ask for a refund, they say contact the shipping dept, I say I did and they informed me thay are only the Shipping Company, they have nothing to do with the purchase. Vudu says they are unable to forward them the email because they only do support by phone.

Today is 12-12-13 Still no movie and no further responses from VUDU.

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Went back to walmart, walmart manager gave us the dvd, found out VUDU is owned by walmart.


Having the same problem with Furious 6. I pre-ordered it from Wal-Mart through Vudu on BLACK FREAKING FRIDAY!!!!!!!!!

It came out 12-10, today is 12-17.

Guess what just got into my town this morning and STILL isn't at my house or post office?! I am pissed.

Westminster, Maryland, United States #760008

I am also in the same boat. Haven't called vudu, can't find their number, but it is the 17th and still no dvd.

I agree with the rest of you, Walmart should not partner with a firm that does not follow through. No more pre-orders from me.


I have had the same trouble. It has been 7 days since the release date and my promised DVD.

They still do not know when my DVD will get here. The tracking says it has been at the post office for the last 5 days. The post office is 12 miles away. They have given me some BS about a storm in Texas.

I am sorry, I live in Washington State. I will NEVER do business with them again.

And as far as Wal-Mart goes, they can shove it too! I paid $25 to have the movie by the release date and I think they owe me a full refund.


Same problem!! Here it is the 15th and still don't have it... Hoping it shows up tomorrow!!


Same thing here. Several very disappointed kiddos here.

The box crest as day said "delivered" on release date!!!!! Still nothing and tracking is a joke!

It's been at the " post office" for days and it also says this po has 3-5 days to deliver it! It has been 4....


Same thing here... still waiting for it and it is Thursday now. Absolutely ridiculous!


Yes same here, who would have thought that it wouldn't have arrived on the release date I really expected to see the movie in my mailbox, here it is Thursday 12 12 13 and still no movie. I'm pissed....!



Yes experienced the exact same thing! I will NEVER do business with vudu again. Now I wonder if I should wait til who knows when or just buy it AGAIN at Target while its on sale.

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