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I'm filing a complaint with the BBB and the Ohio AG, for stealing my money. I purchased a dvd set, that came with a valid VUDU code, Vudu is parent companies with walmart.

I contacted the lewis center, Ohio walmart to demand a refund, they refused to help me. Somebody owes me 4 movies, individual codes. I'm going straight to the BBB, y'all scammed me. When you purchase a movie, typically you open it up, and you get a redeem code from vudu.

Vudu REFUSES to honour the code. I contact Lewis center, ohio walmart demanded to speak to a supervisor, NOPE the electronics dood all he could say was yup, uh huh it's not our fault coped an attitude with me and i hung up. Expect my complaint.

there are absolutely NO TOS on the back of the receipt, that says it can be redeemed, yet walmart and vudu REFUSE to honour it either way. I'm done with this store!!!

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